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Office #8 for Detroits Vänner!

office flyer 8

Saturday april 4:th!
Register for membership here:


Epstein impressed by Slussen: an invisible landscape.

Lars Epstein- Fede Acal
Photo: Lars Epstein.

DN photographer Lars Epstein writes in his blog about the poetic quality in Federico Acals exhibition Slussen: an invisible landscape.


Opening this friday 7-10 pm

Federico Acal - Slussen: an invisible landscape.

This friday, march 20:th, Fede Acals video installation Slussen: an invisible landscape, opens. The exhibition will be shown til march 29:th.


Cities The Magazine – Workshop 00

Cities The Magazine - Workshop 00
Cities The Magazine invites you (and your friends) to an evening with us (and our friends). Come, share ideas, have a beer (20kr), a snack (free) and tell us what you think about the magazine. Check it out at

March 9:th, 4 -10 pm at Detroit.


Updated portfolios!

Federico Acal - Paper Video, 2008-09.

New portfolio pages for the Detroit Studio members Federico Acal, Matilda Höög and Paperspace. Check them out.

The First Annual Detroit .gif Group Show.
Now online!


Go to the .gif site to see images and video from the exhibition.

Detroit starts the year off by presenting the first recurring .gif group exhibition, The First Annual Detroit .gif Group Show. Gif is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format which is a type of file that has been used for static pictures and simple animations since the late 80s.

The exhibition’s starting point is our fascination with the gif’s clear frames and inclusive availability. The First Annual Detroit .gif Group Show is an internet based international exhibition where the invitation to participate has been spread through forums, mailing lists and art schools. In the 2009 edition the chosen gifs come from Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, USA, France and Austria.

Participating artists:

Finn Öhlund, John Huntington, Katya Sandomirskaya, Arvid Wretman, Joe Milazzo, Karl Kilian, Vanessa Louzon, Saleh Rozati, Cristoph Meier, Albért Bernàrd, Liesl Raff, Rasmus Svensson, Amandine Alessandra, Frank Höhne, Lukas Hoffmann, Tobias Lund, Monja Gentschow, Arvid Hedin & Pascal Mayet, Ben Mulkey, Rainbow Dropshadow, Erica Ratvay.

February 6:th – 15:th 2009.
Opening February 6:th, 7- 10 pm.
Open hours: sat-sun: 12 -4 pm, thu-fri: 4-7 pm.