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Open studio at Detroit, come visit us!


This saturday and sunday the Detroit studios will be open to the public. Come and see what’s behind the gallery. 12-5pm both days. We are open as a part of the Fashionplay project and one among many open studios this weekend. Download the map and go for a walk!


The Magic State live this friday


Release party at Galleri Hangups for Great Northern Recordings new compilation. Eight unreleased songs by The Magic State, Tape, Tsukimono och Lakes of Grass and Gold. Our Detroit favourite The Magic State will play live!

The Magic State is Nadine Byrnes audiovisual ongoing project, where every concert is a screening and every screening is a concert, The Magic State is sound and moving images, suspension of time, transcendence, mysticism, rituals and poetry. A magical state of mind and a physical sovereign place.


Pernilla Rozenberg at Fashionplay #6


Detroit member Pernilla Rozenberg is one of the exhibiting artists in Fashionplay #6 held in Stationshuset at Norra Bantorget, Torsgatan 5 in Stockholm. Opening hours are Wednesday – Friday, August 26 – 28, 12 pm – 7 pm, Saturday – Sunday, August 29 – 30, 11 pm – 8 pm.

During the weekend of August 29 – 30 the participating artists will open their studios to the public. Detroit will be open afternoon hours both days. Come and visit us!

FASHIONWALK STOCKHOLM presents a new generation of fashion creators who work in the borderlands between fashion and art. The aim of the exhibition and the walk is to bring to attention those designers and artists who don’t work with traditional collections but who rather focus on the artistic process. All this in shape of an installation, avant garde-clothing, sculpture, video, and experiments in form.


Irre Lazarescu – Teach Yourself Romanian


Opening Friday August 21, 7 – 10 pm. Exhhibition open Saturday and Sunday 12 – 4pm.

In TEACH YOURSELF ROMANIAN, Irre Lazarescu approaches a country and her personal history by twisting Romanian myths and stereotypes. Seeking up ones roots through recreating a story, mapping out a personal chronology, is both frustrating and rewarding. The goal is evasive.

Lazarescu sees the wooden stake as an apt symbol for Romania, certainly Romania as it’s seen through Western eyes. The Prince Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, was transformed into Count Dracula through the filter of Bram Stoker, and the international myth of the cultivated vampire, most effectively killed with a stake through the heart, was born.

Not nearly as many people know that the wooden stake played a part in another, more recent story –the one about what became the dictator Ceausescu’s famous last speech. What first interrupted him were not shouts of protest, but shrill screams. Somewhere in the massive crowd, people had started to jab others with sharpened wooden sticks, so their pained cries would break the silence. Otherwise, no one might have dared to be the first to instigate the uprising. Two days later, Ceausescu was dead.

Irre Lazarescu was born in Rågsved in 1983. She studied at Gerlesborgs Art School and graduated in the spring of 2009 from the Art Education program at Konstfack. Her article The Romanian Fever- what led to the cultural explosion? (in swedish) was published in Hjärnstorm Magazine, where Lazarescu now serves as an editor.


New portfolio: Maria Jonsson


Go to the portfolio page to see more.


Tvillingarna celebrates the fall

Tvillingarna (Andreas Nelson, Paul Sigerhall & Emily Sundblad) will play a short set at Detroit on August 13:th to celebrate the fall and their brand new vinyl release. Open 7- 10 pm.
Listen to their earlier release The Future at DU&JAG+ÅSKAR BRICKMAN.


Updated portfolio: Annika Wieselblad

wieselblad 2

Check out Wieselblad’s portfolio page and new site! Release for her latest collection will be held sometime in September.