New art magazine – Shooting Star!


On Wednesday september 23 the release party for the new art magazine Shooting star will be held at Bonniers Konsthall (5- 7 pm. ) and Allmänna Galleriet (8 pm.- 1 am.)

At Bonniers Konsthall there will be performances/ shows by some of the artists featured in the magazine: Kallioinia ( Matti Kallioinen, Simon Kallioinen & Finn Öhlund), Nils Edvardsson and The Magic State (Nadine Byrne). Head Office will be playing records.

Shooting star is made by Finn Öhlund with help from Detroit and Dokument Press. This first issue of the magazine is an eclectic collection of fantasyworlds, esoteric psychedelia, comics, graffiti, old and new, art made by educated professionals and amateurs alike and more.

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