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Recommended: Opening at Gallery Steinsland Berliner this friday


The excellent Gallery Steinsland Berliner is putting on a show bringing their top favourite artists together. There is no other theme than pure talent. We are happy that they chose some of our favourite people to be part of OUR WINTER SHOW. In 2007 we showed Danilo Stankovic’s work at the exhibition The Happy Grim-Reaper and his Friends and have followed him since. He is great! Participating is also Nadine Byrne, one fourth of the Detroit gallery group.

Other artists included in OUR WINTER SHOW are Emil Alsbo/DK, Johan Bergström/SE, Marten Damgaard/DK, Jenny Groth/SE, Anika Lori/DK, Fie Norsker/DK, Hilary Pecis/US, Kathrine de Place Bjørn/DK, Keith Shore/US, Lo Vahlström/SE, Theis Wendt/DK, Fredrik Åkum/SE and Sune Christiansen/DK.
Opening friday october 30th, 6-10 pm. Open thursday- sunday, 12- 4 pm until November 27th.


Last days of Dölsie!

If U had my love- Dölsie
There is no way to recreate the magic of last friday’s performance by Dölsie, but it is still possible to see the documentation of two of their earlier performances and a music video. Näcken, 2009 (documentation of dance installation), Hugs to Everybody, 2007 (documentation of performance) and Dr. Feelgood, 2007 (music video). They are shown in the gallery this saturday and sunday, 12- 4 pm. Come visit us!


Video from the Tvillingarna show

Video of the first half of the Tvillingarna show from the fall opening at Detroit.


Dölsie- opening and performance this friday 7-10 pm

Dölsie- If u had my Love

The dance-performance group Dölsie makes their first appearance in Sweden at Detroit with the piece If u had my Love. The performance of If u had my Love will only be on Friday the 16:th of October at 8pm! Be there. The documentations of two of Dölsies earlier performances and a music video will be able to be viewed during the entire time of the exhibition.


Release Gallina Blatta – Il formaggio infinito

Gallina Blatta - Il formaggio infinito

Release for the second casette from Flacon Recordings this friday 7-10 pm at Detroit. Live performance by GB 8 pm.

During this 25-minute walkman-duel GB presents a shapeless gray-brown mass which stifles any hope. A piece of music coagulated from Naxos cassettes, served as entartete lo-fi, with a half burning mixing console as finale

Formerly known as ‘Gall Bladder’ the brainchild of Gabriel Harju and Tobias Lund is nowadays called ‘GB’. They primarily make improvised music and various audio/visual artistic experiments. Formed 2003.