Recommended: Opening at Gallery Steinsland Berliner this friday


The excellent Gallery Steinsland Berliner is putting on a show bringing their top favourite artists together. There is no other theme than pure talent. We are happy that they chose some of our favourite people to be part of OUR WINTER SHOW. In 2007 we showed Danilo Stankovic’s work at the exhibition The Happy Grim-Reaper and his Friends and have followed him since. He is great! Participating is also Nadine Byrne, one fourth of the Detroit gallery group.

Other artists included in OUR WINTER SHOW are Emil Alsbo/DK, Johan Bergström/SE, Marten Damgaard/DK, Jenny Groth/SE, Anika Lori/DK, Fie Norsker/DK, Hilary Pecis/US, Kathrine de Place Bjørn/DK, Keith Shore/US, Lo Vahlström/SE, Theis Wendt/DK, Fredrik Åkum/SE and Sune Christiansen/DK.
Opening friday october 30th, 6-10 pm. Open thursday- sunday, 12- 4 pm until November 27th.