Det Psykedeliska Slajmet now open!

Det Psykedeliska Slajmet
Thank you all for a fine opening this friday! To the ones who missed out, come see our current exhibition with artist Finn Öhlund. In the exhibition Det Psykedeliska Slajmet (The Psychedelic Slime) Öhlund pictorially tries to distill and refine a sort of “billowing mental substance” which he considers to be a corner stone in aesthetics of all times. In this exhibition he let´s the Psychedelic Slime take over his world of images and he resembles it to a kind of mental “slimy, stringy, dripping and welling gooey guck”.

The show is open til sunday and opening hours are: Tuesday-Friday 3-7 p.m. Saturday-Sunday 12-4 p.m.