DetroitStockholm Gallery brings raw sound art, voice pieces and Performance Art to the radio!

DetroitStockholm members Erik Daghäll, Marie Gavois, Joanne Grüne Yannoff, and Sheena Malone are present behind the mics and cables.  Irina Anufrieva and Hiroko Tsuchimoto, who collaborated with the gallery in 2013,  are today invited to bring live performance art to the show!

DetroitStockholm is a raw, artist run space at Roslagsgatan 21 in Stockholm, inhabited by international artists working in a variety of media.
In a refined town like Stockholm, a site that maintains a certain unpolished energy is rare and inspiring.
In an increasingly market-driven art world, it’s heartening to find a space that is committed to keeping the focus on the art part. Not the white box how much can we sell it for part, but the in-the-margins, freaky, un-pristine, pro-active, experimental part.
At DetroitStockholm a bunch of creative people work in the same place who are committed to that sort of energy, who are respectful and concentrated, and at the same time open for periodic  conversation and collaboration. Focus and flux dwelling in the same place generate a really interesting space in which to get down to work.

IRINA ANUFRIEVA will make a performance as part of her stage performance Sommaren är över where she reads the text from the book Through by Ludmila Rusova (1954-2010), a Belarusian visual and performance artist, with whom Irina was in close relation and artistic and personal dialogue from 2003 until 2010.

when all we could say to each other is said
when I no longer can find you there
when we said our last goodbye
It is the book that is left, the one you once put on my knees,
there you wrote the phone number, for me, to call you

it is the book
I take into my hands
It is the book
there I try to find, you voice,

HIROKO TSUCHIMOTO, who is performing “Swimming with my clothes on: part 2″, live in the radio, puts her words like this:

“I am reading a book in a language that I don’t understand. Some of the words are familiar to me, others are completely alien. I am thinking about my life in Sweden, and how much I have learned so far. Still I don’t understand the simplest things. Spring is slowly coming to Saltkråkan. Around me birds are singing, and sunlight breaks the ice. I find myself looking for Tjorven. Maybe, she will come running along this path? Perhaps, her hands will reach out to me – as a welcome, to Sweden. I wonder what she will say? – Hiroko varför badar du alltid med kläderna på? Why do you always do complicate things”