once again: DetroitStockholm warmly welcomes DIVERSE UNIVERSE and Non Grata to the Gallery!



Welcome to DIVERSE UNIVERSE Performance Festival 2014
at Detroit Stockholm
Roslagsgatan 21
(T-bana Rådmansgatan)

Saturday 17 May
18:00-18:30 Artist talk by Al Paldrok (NON GRATA)
19:00-21:00 Solo & Group performance



Nina Yhared (Mexico)

Michel Ruth (Finland)

The Physical Poets (Japan)

Rie Tahiti
Hiroyuki Matsuhisa
Himeko Narumi
Mushimaru Fuijeda

1KA (France)

Ouija (US)

2sha (US)

Terho Sire (Finland)

Marie Gavois (Sweden) & Michel Klöfkorn (Germany)

Free admission
*Remember to bring cash for the bar!


Diverse Universe is a nomadic performance festival, traveling through the- East-South-West and North Europe, uniting artists from all-across the World. The Festival is sharing high quality Performance Art and Live Art with audiences from all over Europe in different cities.

—About Al Paldrok—
Estonian artist Al Paldrok has been active since 1992. He is the leader of the performance group NON GRATA, and the founder of Diverse Universe Nomadic Performance Art Festival. NON GRATA started in 1998, after Estonia got its independence from the Soviet Union. The group first began as an alternative art academy, called Academia Non Grata. These days they travel around the world with their unconventional style of performance art. NON GRATA has developed into a global network of performance artists, linking creators from all over the world. Over the years, 500 members have been connected with the group.

Organized by Hiroko Tsuchimoto and Marie Gavois
Supported by IASPIS/Swedish Arts Grants Committee