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Artist’s Talk with Alannah Robins




OPEN STUDIO- Artist’s Talk with Alannah Robins, DetroitStockholm, Roslagsgatan 21

Alannah Robins opens her studio in Vasastan to share two ongoing projects, both concerned with childhood, each very different in nature to the other.

REFLEX is the name of a small playful bronze sculpture which combines doll’s legs with a chanterelle mushroom. Alannah has taken on the challenge of making a scaled up version of this in liquorice in the lead up to the Lakrits festival in Globen.

PAPA INDIA explores the public and private stories surrounding the 1972 air crash in which 11 Irish business men died, on their way to Brussels to negotiate Ireland’s potential membership of the EEC. Alannah’s grandfather Sandy Miller was one of these men and his sudden death when she was six months old left a profound impression on her family.

Join us for a glass of wine/cup of coffee at kl13, March 14th. Contact Alannah for more information

072 2779603