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Celeste Najt – Gathering Individual Worlds

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Celeste Najt – Gathering Individual Worlds

The exhibition will be open:
Saturday 6th, Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th from 3 to 7.30 PM

Vernissage Friday 05 June 18:00
Sponsored by the Argentinian Embassy

“La estridencia de la energía entre la nueva figura y yo”A large scale collage on the wall.
A new landscape (to live in).
A Mountain
A lake.
A photo.
A wooden sculpture.
An unknown city.

All together.
All by themselves.

A whole out of the parts will be displayed at the gallery. Small worlds, creating small chats so they become a big dialogue.
The distance between the viewer and the pieces. The distance between the artworks.
The distance between us. The result of our interactions. How much does one change just because the connection with the other is actually happening?

This exhibition talks about relationships in life. Between objects. Between art. Between us.

The series of works to be presented at Detroit Stockholm, involve different mediums. Even when the artist’s body of work is composed by several techniques, the main one is usually collage, and that’s the process Najt intends to use when displaying artworks in a room. Each artwork lives by itself while playing a fundamental part into the group, composing the “big picture”.

This exhibition will provide two different contemplation options. Two different approaches: from the viewer to the artwork, and between the artworks themselves.

About the artist:

Celeste Najt is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The main purpose of her work is to follow the path of her creative improvement by working everyday in tune perception with present lifetime. She has a degree in Photography (Escuela de Fotografía Creativa), she has also studied Art at the National University Institute of Art (IUNA) for several years, and made several Art and Photo workshops. In the year 2007 she opened the art gallery El tigre Celeste in Buenos Aires, in order to promote emerging art and provide her work with an appropriate exhibition framework. In the past 3 years she did no less than 3 solo shows per year, in different parts of the earth. Her works were exhibited in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Miami, New York, Carlisle (UK), Amsterdam, Amersfoort , Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Umeå, Helsinki, and Zurich.

Detroit Stockholm
Roslagsgatan 21
113 55