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An exhibition presenting “Light Wear” by the Croatian design collective Oaza and “Natural Selection” by designers Irma Földényi and Pomme van Hoof. Both projects explore the passing on of artifacts and intangible attributes to a new generation.

VENUE Detroit, Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21


December 5: 15 – 19 OPEN

December 6: 15 – 19 OPEN, Artist Talk at 16

Light Wear” is part of the “Handed Down – collection” by Croatian design collective Oaza. This collection investigates different aspects of Croatian’s cultural heritage within craft, and brings new values and functions to artifacts strongly rooted in tradition. With “Light Wear” Oaza brings an almost forgotten story of woman’s national costumes back to life. The bottom part of the costume from Bizovac (Croatia) embeds specific traditional handwork techniques, such as embroidery, needle lace and pleating. As a lampshade, it preserves the shape, typological layering and decorative details. In 2013 “Light Wear” was transferred from the realm of handmade to the industrial realm by using the laser-cutting machine. New technology brings modern perspective to traditional handmade work, and enables a model for the preservation of certain motives from the tradition.

Natural Selection” is an installation by designers Irma Földényi and Pomme van Hoof, in which they welcome you to partake in the process of selection making, applied to the idea of the self and that of the city of Stockholm. Their method uses images of artifacts as starting points for a discussion on what you would like to preserve for the new generation, what you think needs transformation, and what you would rather get rid off. As we know, generational change occurs over years or decades, therefore this installation reduces time, and models the process of selection and handing down of heritage from one generation to the other within a timespan of this exhibition, 8 hours.

The Oaza Collective gathers a group of designers (Nina Ba?un, Roberta Bratovi?, Ivana Borovnjak, Maja Kolar, Tina Ivezi? and Ana-Marija Poljanec), currently based in Zagreb. Their individual and collective professional activities seek to contribute the design production and its presentation, in an innovative and engaging manner. They operate within the field of industrial, interior, set and exhibition design, as well as visual communications. All of the authors are professional members of the Croatian Designers Assosiation and the Croatian community of independent artists, as well as award-winning authors with numerous presentations at international exhibitions. Two members of the collective, Nina Ba?un and Roberta Bratovi?, will present this exhibition.


Irma Földényi (1983, HU) is a designer and researcher working on the intersection of design, technology and social-cultural phenomena. She is fascinated by these developments and how they work on the level of an individual person. Before she graduated cum laude in 2012 from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a masters in Social Design, she studied Industrial Design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) and was trained as a goldsmith in Budapest. Irma has won a number of awards and grants, most notably the 2010 Hungarian Design Award and the 2014 talent development grant of the creative industries fund NL. She is a guest teacher and strategic advisor at MOME and works often in collaboration with other designers and researchers from her studio in Rotterdam.

Pomme van Hoof (1986, NL) runs her design studio in Stockholm, where she combines her interests in working with Experience Design, research and curation. She facilitates experiences and interactions that make people reconsider and reimagine themselves and the world around them. Rather than a focus on designing physical things, she designs moments and settings which people can be a part of, that function as a catalyst for conversation and open up to share different viewpoints and visions. Pomme graduated with honors from The Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Experience Design from Konstfack University in Stockholm. She is course director at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, running a course in Trend Spotting and Future Thinking taking place at Konstfack University.

Supported by Zagreb City Council and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Hrvatska ku?a / Croatia House) and Detroit Stockholm.



A bar will be open, music will be playing. Free entrance.



Reality Backup

reality_main Image for web


We have always been obsessed with the idea of traveling in time without realizing that we have already been doing it for quite a while.

The interactive exhibition “Reality Backup” at Detroit, Stockholm presents a life-long project by Jacek Smolicki. Using diverse multimedia tools such as sound, photo, and film, he turns “once somewhere” back into “here and now”. Smolicki shapes what one might call the craft of reconstructing a particular moment in time. Within the framework of On-Going Project, he has regularly documented a number of facets of his presence in time and space for the last seven years.

Jacek Smolicki is an artist, designer and a doctorate researcher at the School of Arts and Communications at Malmö University. In his work Smolicki explores the concept of the archive and personal archiving practices in the age of total traceability.

Artist’s reflection on Minuting / On-Going Project:

Every single day when my attention is attracted to some particular sonic phenomenon, whether it is a low frequency engine of a motor boat in the Swedish archipelago, a sound of a rooster in a quite village in the Italian Alps, or a loud manifestation on the streets of Istanbul, I record at least one 60 second long sample. This project, which I called Minuting, is a constituent part of a bigger archival initiative.

Since 2008 I have been systematically implementing a number of media-aided techniques aiming to record and archive different aspects of my life and surroundings I would find myself in. In the times of omnipresent network technologies and pervasiveness of digital media, times when our lives are being documented and archived whether we want it or not, On-Going Projects can be seen as an attempt to deliberately slow down and carefully conceptualize a personal structure and conduct for how one’s life is to be recorded and remembered. In this light, On-Going Projects form a kind of a sous-veillant archive encrypting traces of an individual’s life in accordance with personally crafted rules.

Project curated by Alina Abdullayeva, a MA candidate in Curating Art at Stockholm University and produced with support  from Stockholm University, Detroit, Stockholm,  Polish Institute Stockholm and Living Archives Research Group/Malmö University.

VENUE Detroit, Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21 OPEN 18 – 21 November 2015 11.00 – 20.00 PROGRAM Opening & Artist Talk 18 November 18.30 ? Performance 21 November 19.30 CONTACT



The virtual cabinet in a format of interactive projection is a web-based personal archive ( On-Going Project) featuring variety of multimedia files that visitors can easily browse through.

How to use: self-navigated through the touch pad.

Minuting is a mixed reality installation combining the digital with the analog. The installation features 300 chronologically aligned visualizations of sound samples forming a horizontally evolving axis. Each of the waveform images functions as a trigger of a sound sample which can be accessed via special, application for mobile devices.

How to use: Download an augmented reality application Aurasma for free. Search for and follow the RealityBackup channel. Scan the image using the application in order to hear a corresponding sound.