Detroit, Stockholm at Supermarket Independent Art Fair, 2016



This year we are proud to present “Home”, exploring this theme with two definitive works by member artists.

Utilising audio and visual elements, we will invite participants to examine questions of transience, identity, and home, across and within societies, cultures, and geographies. Joanne Grüne-Yanoff’s “Instructions for Finding Home (I)”, an immersive installation comprised of 100 drawings on paper, 100 sculptures of footprints, and an accompanying sound piece, will explore questions of transience, identity, and home. Inspired by key ideas in Gaston Bachelard’s, The Poetics of Space, Laura Tynan’s installation, offers a view of the world in miniature through inversions of scale which explore the way we carry the idea of home and the universe within.

Supermarket 2016

April 21 – 24

Svarta Huset,

Telefonplan, Stockholm

We look forward to seeing you there!