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Hellpoetry & Sorryart


Kroutsef’s first solo exhibition consists of a series of digital photo collages and visual poems (a combination of poetry

and digitally processed images).

It all started as a journey in the realm of words 2 years ago.

Words brought the attention to the aesthetics that had to accompany the rush and the automation of the writing style.

Along came artworks and memes which manifest the awkward relationship of objects and body parts

with their environment in the digital age. They’re sort of the product of numbness, dim hope and absence of focus

which create an attachment to the artificial space as a refuge.

All artworks consist mostly of original photos and less of remixed googled material.

Some of them are extracts from the recently published visual poetry book titled “A Pill Is A Moon” that features

poems and quotes combined with digital art.

“Visual poetry is like songwriting, only here comes the visual part. Each design is a canvas for the words represented

and they can’t be treated separately. It’s an ensemble that reflects the NOW.”

“Hellpoetry & Sorryart” in its wholeness has a distinctive poster-like, cartooned approach which serves as a form of goodbye

to the pre-digital world. It seems to construct scrapbooks for the ’10s, commenting on adolescence and the

consequences of living in a small town and it’s inspired by the reality of the Greek countryside,

the internet culture, the earthly drudgery and the fantasy world, the transition to adulthood and all the hardships in between.

The exhibits are supported by audio samples, explanatory cards, photos and decoration that resembles the unique atmosphere and the impact of the local landscape on the creation of “Hellpoetry & Sorryart”.

Kroutsef is the artistic nickname for Vasia Bakogianni (b. 1986), a Greek visual artist, musician and writer who grew up in Arta and now lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has attained a BA in Primary Education and has had two poetry collections published

(“Paranyxides” in Greek, and “A Pill Is A Moon” in English, distributed by Thinkbabymusic & TBMr Records. She is also the

member of the experimental, avant-garde music project KOLLYRION and will be exhibiting in art spaces in Athens throughout the winter.

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