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Tue-Fri 12-18, Sat-Sun 12-16

Laura Lilja & Paula Salmela


The collaborative exhibition by Detroit Stockholm and Association of Finnish Sculptors presents works of two Finnish artists, Laura Lilja and Paula Salmela, in gallery Detroit Stockholm 17.9.-9.10.2016.

Laura Lilja is a Finnish visual artist working with 3-dimensional art and wide selection of materials and techniques from iron cast and leather work to bank statements and video documentary. In her art Lilja explores the significance of materials, social power structures and possibilities for rebellion.

Lilja finished her MA at the Finnish Academy of Arts in 2004 and have shown her conceptual sculptures and installations in Finland and abroad since 2001. She has a significant and awarded role in the field of the Finnish political and feministic art today. In Detroit Stockholm, her first exhibition in Sweden, she presents works from the series Blackout – various flags made out of  black latex, spandex, pvc, leather etc.

Paula Salmela is a Finnish sculptor. She graduated first from Kankaanpää Art School and later in 2008 from Finnish Academy of Fine Art. After her first solo award-winning exhibition in 2000, she has had substantial amount of exhibitions in Finland and in Europe. Salmela has many works in public and private collections while she is also active in several public art competitions and in architectural development.

Salmela’s works often articulate the relationship of nature and mankind. Her works have mirrored the powerplay between these two since very early on in her professional career. Her art sheds tears for the woods and rivers when she brings in her own inner visual world – often to be touched and heard as installation artwork. In Detroit Stockholm Salmela exhibits her installation Flow. To grasp the feeling inside the tree is something to be participated, not only to be observed outside.

Welcome to the opening on Friday 16.9. at 18-20!

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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