New Work by Emer Ní Chíobháin

“If the human body is the locus of absolute dignity, and that dignity involves the preservation and protection of integrity, then that dignity is destroyed if any part of the body is assigned market value and rendered alienable”1

Emer Ní Chíobháin, born and raised in Ireland, is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing mainly in the fields of mixed media installation and lens based media. With a background in textiles, her work is predominantly sculpture based. In previous work, the artist has explored the tension between notions of the acceptable and the unacceptable. This exhibition, her debut in Stockholm, stems from that previous body of research by investigating the violence of everyday life and questioning the boundaries between desensitization and procedural activity.

This series of new works looks at the theory of body-as-property within the context of networked culture. Using methods of light-coding technology, mesh imagery, holographic projection and 3D photography the artist deconstructs notions of corporal identity physically and metaphorically. In her processes, Ní Chíobháin renders the physical into data and back to material again. Through the portrayal of fragmented bodies, the artist depersonalises, desubjectifies and thus dehumanises the body and its constituent parts. The body becomes abstract, unknown, impersonal, losing all semblance of the self. This exhibition, however, does not sympathise with the condition of this abstracted self, but rather accelerates the process and extends this abstraction.

Vernissage Friday 02 December at 18.00 at Detroit, Stockholm.

Open daily from 03 – 07 December


1: Gianna Bouchard , Skin Deep: Female Flesh in UK Live Art since 1999, Contemporary Theatre Review , Volume 22, 2012