Detroit @ Supermarket



For Supermarket Art Fair 2017, Detroit, Stockholm is proud to present “One & Three”, an installation by resident member: Emer Ní Chíobháin. This installation looks at the theory of body-as-property within the context of networked culture. Through the use of 3D scanning tools, the artist creates images and data sets which are in turn edited and re-worked. In this process, the physical is rendered into data and back to material again. Through the portrayal of fragmented bodies, the artist depersonalises, de-subjectifies and thus dehumanises the body and its constituent parts. The body becomes abstract, unknown, impersonal, losing all semblance of the self.

Exhibition runs: 23.03 – 26.03 at Supermarket Art Fair, Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm.

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