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(A) Moral Thread | Nina Bacun

(a)moral thread Vol. 2
Vernissage: 17/06 // 19h-22h
Exhibition continues until 20/07

(a)moral thread is a collaborative project curated by Nina Ba?un and Juan Echeverry. The aim of (a)moral tread is to generate a bridge between artist and craftsman. It is an attempt to create a co-existence in which authorship loses the key role, the process becomes the protagonist, and the production of new knowledge is the main result.

Among Croatian traditional crafts curators have centered their attention on Zidnjaci. Zidnjaci embroideries are a craft usually pursued by women and directed to women, giving guidelines on how to behave within the household realm. Kitchen tasks, love relations, child care, hygiene and other activities are guided by this images and texts that become a sort of propaganda and moral frame that inserts itself into housewife reality.

Through the working process curators intend to create communication in which the artist submits a draft, guideline, idea or work in progress that serves as the beginning of the craftsman process, giving him freedom to interpret and translate content from one media to another.

Curators have chosen to focus production on the work of Željko Kraš?i? because of his skill and his will to participate and interpret the material submitted by the other participants. Željko was born in 1954 and started doing embroideries after he retired from his job as a builder in the year 2008. Till now he has produced more than 400 pieces and created 40 different motifs.

Vina ?ur?ija
Juan Echeverry
Mario Grubiši?
Lea Heinrich
Marc Hennes
Jeong Hwa Min
Ena Jurov
Tommi Musturi
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Olof Svenblad
Paul Waak