Förhandsvisning av Felix Svanbergs kortfilm Bunnylanties

Preview of Felix Svanberg’s short film “Bunnylanties”,

Friday August 25, 18.30 – 22.00.


**English Below**


Kvällen kommer att innehålla tre visningar av kortfilmen “Bunnylanties” av Felix Svanberg, ett surrealistiskt thrillerdrama med inslag av skräck och vag humor . Filmen är ca 25 minuter lång och kommer vara textad på Engelska.

Filmens handling: Efter en tragisk barndomshändelse splittras fyra syskon och slungas in i en sinneslös värld . Där börjar deras jakt på hämnd och försoning.

Visningslokalen rymmer ca 20 – 25 personer, så folk får placera sig i mån om plats per visning.

Första visning: 19.00
Andra visning: 19.30
Tredje visning: 21.30

Under kvällen kommer det att finnas öl och vin till ett bra pris, musik samt möjlighet till mysigt mingel! Själva visningen är gratis.

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Preview of Felix Svanberg’s short film “Bunnylanties”,  Friday August 25, 18.30 – 22.00.

“Bunnylanties” is a surreal thriller drama with elements of horror and dark humour.  Approximately 25 min. Written, directed and filmed by Felix Svanberg in 2017.

Language: Swedish. Subtitles in English.

Plot: “Four siblings get split up after a tragic childhood accident, and are thrown into a world without reason where their lives become a constant hunt for revenge and reconciliation.”

Doors open at 18.30 and there will be 3 screenings during the evening: 19.00, 19.30 and 21.30. The amount of seats is limited, so make sure to get there on time!

There will be music and mingling in between screenings.

(a)moral thread Vol. 2
Vernissage: 17/06 // 19h-22h
Exhibition continues until 20/07(a)moral thread is a collaborative project curated by Nina Ba?un and Juan Echeverry. The aim of (a)moral tread is to generate a bridge between artist and craftsman. It is an attempt to create a co-existence in which authorship loses the key role, the process becomes the protagonist, and the production of new knowledge is the main result.Among Croatian traditional crafts curators have centered their attention on Zidnjaci. Zidnjaci embroideries are a craft usually pursued by women and directed to women, giving guidelines on how to behave within the household realm. Kitchen tasks, love relations, child care, hygiene and other activities are guided by this images and texts that become a sort of propaganda and moral frame that inserts itself into housewife reality.Through the working process curators intend to create communication in which the artist submits a draft, guideline, idea or work in progress that serves as the beginning of the craftsman process, giving him freedom to interpret and translate content from one media to another.

Curators have chosen to focus production on the work of Željko Kraš?i? because of his skill and his will to participate and interpret the material submitted by the other participants. Željko was born in 1954 and started doing embroideries after he retired from his job as a builder in the year 2008. Till now he has produced more than 400 pieces and created 40 different motifs.

Vina ?ur?ija
Juan Echeverry
Mario Grubiši?
Lea Heinrich
Marc Hennes
Jeong Hwa Min
Ena Jurov
Tommi Musturi
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Olof Svenblad
Paul Waak

CC x Detroit
Galleri CC x Detroit
12-14/5 2017Opening reception: Friday 12th of May 18:00-21:00“Tunnelsyn” (Tunnelvision) is a collaborative project of Benjamin Andersson, Arngrímur Borgþórsson, Maja Gade Christensen, Andreas Knag-Danielsen, Madelaine Sillfors, Linus Svensson, Sofia Wickman. Together they run Galleri CC, an artist run exhibition space in Malmö. The title of the exhibition comes from the idea of bringing together different artists who work in different ways and cover a wide variety of subjects and ideas. Each individual has their own area of interest, chosen subjects to view and explore. It can be said that in a way, all of them have tunnel vision, as they remain focused on their own ideas and subjects. The term tunnel vision is usually a term burdened by negative connotations, but it does not have to be. Many eyes next to each other, ignoring what they consider to be the periphery may, in fact, cover a wider area. Much like periscopes at sea or telescopes aimed at the skies, they come together and broaden their field of vision.Benjamin Andersson (SE) builds scenarios in which the evident and the hidden is forced to coexist. Arngrímur Borgþórsson (IS) focuses on the complex systems of interactions between humans and technology. Maja Gade Christensen (DK) works systematically with patterns emergence and with decay. Andreas Knag-Danielsen (NO) deals with the interrelation between the human body and technology. Madelaine Sillfors (SE) investigates the sense of scale and understanding of the spatial and the haptic. Linus Svensson (SE) works with the process of investigating time and the working method itself. Sofia Wickman (SE) questions the aesthetics of nostalgia and longing in relation to memory and time.Galleri CC is a non-commercial, artist-run gallery located in Malmö, Sweden. The group running the gallery take on the role of curators, embody and partake in exhibition concepts in collaborations with artists invited by the gallery. The exhibition “Tunnelsyn” will be their second exhibition of coming together and work, not as curators but as artists. The exhibition will consist of artworks which will both clash and share a common thread.

Galleri CC was founded in 2003 and is located in the residential neighbourhood of East Sorgenfri, Malmö. Since its inception the gallery has hosted more than one hundred exhibitions, performances and events with artists from all over the world.

Galleri CC has participated in Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Art Swap Europe in Berlin, and Alt_Cph Art Fair in Copenhagen and collaborated with Galleria Rajatila Tampere (FI), WIZARD Gallery in Oslo (NO), OK Corral in Copenhagen (DK) and HilbertRaum in Berlin (DE).

Roslagsgatan 21, Sthlm

Opening: 18:00-21:00

Sat-Sun: 12:00-16:00


For Supermarket Art Fair 2017, Detroit, Stockholm is proud to present “One & Three”, an installation by resident member: Emer Ní Chíobháin. This installation looks at the theory of body-as-property within the context of networked culture. Through the use of 3D scanning tools, the artist creates images and data sets which are in turn edited and re-worked. In this process, the physical is rendered into data and back to material again. Through the portrayal of fragmented bodies, the artist depersonalises, de-subjectifies and thus dehumanises the body and its constituent parts. The body becomes abstract, unknown, impersonal, losing all semblance of the self.

Exhibition runs: 23.03 – 26.03 at Supermarket Art Fair, Svarta Huset, Telefonplan, Stockholm.

For more info, visit:


Märta Rovin
24.03 – 02.04.2017
Vernissage: fre 24 mars kl 17 – 21
Öppet: to-fre kl 18 – 20, lö-sö kl 12 – 16
Roslagsgatan 21, Sthlm
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Utgångspunkten för verken i utställningen är en kontemplation kring att erövras av sakers tillfälliga betydelse. Hur man genom att tolka och söka efter tecken i omgivningen sammanställer mening i syfte att låta något odefinierat utomstående ta vid.
Lake består av teckningar i olika format som tillsammans med ett skulpturalt objekt bildar ett större verk. Teckningarnas motiv utgörs av osorterade, förvrängda och sammansatta minnesbilder av objekt, personer eller platser. Skulpturen är en uppförstorad avgjutning av en grop i marken, en vattenpöl, en bottenlös sjö. Sjön är lyft ur sitt sammanhang och placerad på en imaginär skärningspunkt mellan det sublima och den påtagliga fysiska verkligheten.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The starting point for this exhibition is a contemplation around being conquered by the temporary significance of various objects. How we by interpreting and searching for signs in the surroundings compile meaning in order to let something undefined take over. Small, crucial moments determine how we should proceed.
Lake consists of drawings in various format, which along with a sculptural object form a larger work. The drawings consist of unsorted, distorted and complex memories of objects, people or places. The sculpture is an enlarged cast of a hole in the ground, a puddle, a bottomless lake. The lake is out of context and placed on an imaginary intersection between the sublime and the tangible physical reality.

Galleri Detroit

Vernissage, February 19 @ 13:00

Avslutningsutställning av ARTmovement pt 4. 15 deltagare från olika kulturer har med hjälp av konstnären Joanne Grüne-Yanoff skapat tillsammans utifrån ett minne till en skulptur

Final exhibition by ARTmovement pt. 4.
15 participants from different cultures has – together with artist Joanne Grüne-Yanoff -created a sculpture from a memory.



New Work by Emer Ní Chíobháin

“If the human body is the locus of absolute dignity, and that dignity involves the preservation and protection of integrity, then that dignity is destroyed if any part of the body is assigned market value and rendered alienable”1

Emer Ní Chíobháin, born and raised in Ireland, is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing mainly in the fields of mixed media installation and lens based media. With a background in textiles, her work is predominantly sculpture based. In previous work, the artist has explored the tension between notions of the acceptable and the unacceptable. This exhibition, her debut in Stockholm, stems from that previous body of research by investigating the violence of everyday life and questioning the boundaries between desensitization and procedural activity.

This series of new works looks at the theory of body-as-property within the context of networked culture. Using methods of light-coding technology, mesh imagery, holographic projection and 3D photography the artist deconstructs notions of corporal identity physically and metaphorically. In her processes, Ní Chíobháin renders the physical into data and back to material again. Through the portrayal of fragmented bodies, the artist depersonalises, desubjectifies and thus dehumanises the body and its constituent parts. The body becomes abstract, unknown, impersonal, losing all semblance of the self. This exhibition, however, does not sympathise with the condition of this abstracted self, but rather accelerates the process and extends this abstraction.

Vernissage Friday 02 December at 18.00 at Detroit, Stockholm.

Open daily from 03 – 07 December


1: Gianna Bouchard , Skin Deep: Female Flesh in UK Live Art since 1999, Contemporary Theatre Review , Volume 22, 2012


Carrying the Songs

En installation av ljud, film och bild av

Ewert Ekros och Alannah Robins

Detroit Gallery, Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm

Vernissage: torsdag 17e november, kl 17:00

Öppettider: fredag 18e – söndag 20e november, kl11:00 – 18:00

Seminarium med Anna Laine, antropolog: lördag 19e november, kl14:00


Carrying the songs är ett projekt som har ett litet brukssamhälle i Dalarna, Norn, som utgångspunkt. Konstnärernas fokus ligger i den muntliga historieberättartraditionen runt Norn och dess koppling till naturen och omgivande landskapet. Historiernas förändring när de förflyttas ur sitt sammanhang är centrala.  Dom som berättar och återberättar gör detta ur helt egna erfarenhetssfärer och historierna byter också gradvis skepnad vart efter dess referenser gradvis upplöses.

Carrying the Songs kommer att återuppstå i en uppskalad tappning som en del av Galway-Europakulturhuvudstad 2020, där en teckning reser genom hela europa från Irlands västkust till Istanbul via Scandinavien.


An installation of sound and image by

Ewert Ekros and Alannah Robins

Detroit Gallery, Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm

Vernissage: Thursday 17th November, 17:00

Opening hours: Friday 18th – Sunday 20th November,11:00 – 18:00

Seminar with Anna Laine, anthropologist: Saturday 19th November, 14:00


Carrying the Songs is a project which has its genesis in Norn, a small, isolated community in Dalarna.

Ewert Ekros and Alannah Robins have gathered visual and audio material, focusing on stories which bear a strong link to the landscape in this area.

The artists are concerned with what happens to a story when it is removed from its place of origin, when those who tell and retell migrate, and all terms of reference and context are absent. As part of the working process, the stories have undergone a processing through the mouths and ears of people spread around Sweden in an extended game of Chinese whispers. The distortions which have taken place have been characterised by individuals’ own experiences and memories, and by translations.

At Detroit gallery, these stories resonate and overlap in a film and sound installation. Visual references take the form of film, shadow puppetry and drawing.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Moya Cannon’s poem of the same name.

This project will be scaled up for Galway European Cultural Capital 2020, when a story and a drawing will be taken in a giant game of Chinese whispers from Ireland’s west coast to Istanbul, via Scandinavia…exciting times!

Thanks to Culture Ireland for their support this time.





Adam Wallenberg • Alice Damirjian

Henrik Green • Joshua Mårtens Österman

En grupputställning som vill utmana och utvidga mellanmänskliga förståelsehorisonter genom konst och samtal. Utställningens verk utforskar filosofiska teman som: tidslighet, språk & förståelse, individualism & kollektivism, det heliga, upplevelsen av “liv” och egot.

Den 30 oktober 16.00-19.00 är det vernissage och utställningen invigs med live-musik, diktuppläsning och mingel med konstnärerna.

Alla är varmt välkomna!

Öppetider (kan komma att ändras): Vardag 16.00-19.00 • Helg 12.00-17.00


Utställningen är en fristående fortsättning på det immateriella konstprojektetet “Konstmuseet som Katedral” som pågick 2015-2016 på Moderna Museet.

“FÖRSTÅELSEHORISONTER” består av video, installation, text, måleri och samtal (schema kommer snart).

Läs mer om Konstmuseet som Katedral här:


“Förståelse är något som inträffar. Vi skapar inte förståelsen, den händer oss. Därför finns det alltid en risk med förståelsen. Genom horisontsammansmältning (tyska: Horizontverschmelzung) i ett samtal skapas en annan övertygelse, man blir en annan än den man var. Förståelsen blir då inget vi skapar, utan något som smälter. Det är som när snö smälter. “

– Hans-Georg Gadamer







16-29 oktober

Detroit Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm.

Vernissage söndag 16 oktober 14-17

Seminarium söndag 23 oktober 13-16

Galleriet är öppet 22-23 oktober 12-18 samt 29 oktober 12-18. För ytterligare upplysningar eller för att boka visning vid annan tidpunkt, kontakta

 0702-571559 /

Organiserat av IntraGalactic arts collective.

Malin Ståhls utställning är summan av flera års arbete med relationen mellan kroppen och landskapet. Arbetet utgör ett undersökande av betydelsen av plats och närvaro, men också ett undersökande av konstruktionen av det som ses som naturligt. Malin Ståhl är medlem i IntraGalactic arts collective och vi är glada att kunna presentera denna utställning av hennes arbete.

Landskapet och kroppen. Trycker mig mot det oeftergivliga. Rörelserna, stegen, vinden. Samtalen ligger i mossan. Vattnet mot kroppen. Stenens röst, handen följer formen. Träd och himmel ger plats. Stillheten mellan rörelserna. I kroppen förvarar jag mina minnen. Det jag vet finns också där. Jag går i landskapet.

Jag utför mina performance i landskapet och ingen publik är närvarande. Jag spelar in verken på video, utan ljud. Videons bildsnitt, komposition och tidsram bildar tillsammans en representation av verket som visas för publiken. Vad som är med och hur det organiseras i bilden är noga utvalt.


Filmisk bild

23 oktober


Seminariet är en del av utställningen In Landscape I Walk / I landskapet jag går på Detroit Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 20 i Stockholm. I seminariet tittar vi på vad som kan uppstå ur förhållningssätt som är tidsliga såväl som rumsliga. Vi undersöker på vilka sätt kan filmisk bild vara ett sätt att tänka kring och närma sig ett annat konstnärligt medium.

Filmisk bild inleds med fyra korta presentationer av Malin Ståhl, Anita Wernström, Maria Högbacke och Simon af Wetterstedt och följs av ett samtal under ledning av John Sundholm. Vi vill välkomna publiken att vara delaktiga i samtalet.

Malin Ståhl är konstnär och arbetar med utgångspunkt i tankar kring landskap och kropp. Hon är intresserad av den kunskap som kan förmedlas mellan plats och kropp och hur den kunskapen kan bli synlig. Malin Ståhl presenterar filmisk bild och utställningen In Landscape I Walk / I landskapet jag går.

Anita Wernström (Anita Pitcher) är konstnär och arbetar med performance, video och collage. Den filmiska bilden kommer att undersökas genom dekonstruerade bilder och i hur vår hjärna visuellt applicerar narrativ på bildserier.

Maria Högbacke arbetar med måleri och bildskapande. Hon är intresserad av dialogen kring konst som sker genom installation, textproduktion och samtal. Maria Högbacke presenterar filmisk bild och måleri.

Simon af Wetterstedt är utbildad filmvetare som är på tok för intresserad av filmmanus. Inte bara ur ett teoretiskt perspektiv utan har de senaste åren också skrivit en rad egna manus. Simon af Wetterstedt presenterar filmisk bild och manuskript.

John Sundholm är professor i filmvetenskap vid Stockholms Universitet och verksam vid forskarutbildningen i fri konst vid Konstuniversitetet i Helsingfors. Han är också verksam som curator (film programmer) och arrangerar experimentfilmevenemanget AVANT ( John Sundholm leder ett öppet samtal mellan deltagarna och publiken.

Varmt välkomna!






Laura Lilja & Paula Salmela


The collaborative exhibition by Detroit Stockholm and Association of Finnish Sculptors presents works of two Finnish artists, Laura Lilja and Paula Salmela, in gallery Detroit Stockholm 17.9.-9.10.2016.

Laura Lilja is a Finnish visual artist working with 3-dimensional art and wide selection of materials and techniques from iron cast and leather work to bank statements and video documentary. In her art Lilja explores the significance of materials, social power structures and possibilities for rebellion.

Lilja finished her MA at the Finnish Academy of Arts in 2004 and have shown her conceptual sculptures and installations in Finland and abroad since 2001. She has a significant and awarded role in the field of the Finnish political and feministic art today. In Detroit Stockholm, her first exhibition in Sweden, she presents works from the series Blackout – various flags made out of  black latex, spandex, pvc, leather etc.

Paula Salmela is a Finnish sculptor. She graduated first from Kankaanpää Art School and later in 2008 from Finnish Academy of Fine Art. After her first solo award-winning exhibition in 2000, she has had substantial amount of exhibitions in Finland and in Europe. Salmela has many works in public and private collections while she is also active in several public art competitions and in architectural development.

Salmela’s works often articulate the relationship of nature and mankind. Her works have mirrored the powerplay between these two since very early on in her professional career. Her art sheds tears for the woods and rivers when she brings in her own inner visual world – often to be touched and heard as installation artwork. In Detroit Stockholm Salmela exhibits her installation Flow. To grasp the feeling inside the tree is something to be participated, not only to be observed outside.

Welcome to the opening on Friday 16.9. at 18-20!

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

Further information and press photos:, tel. +358 44 2919 119,, tel. +358 50 5450 365,









Kroutsef’s first solo exhibition consists of a series of digital photo collages and visual poems (a combination of poetry

and digitally processed images).

It all started as a journey in the realm of words 2 years ago.

Words brought the attention to the aesthetics that had to accompany the rush and the automation of the writing style.

Along came artworks and memes which manifest the awkward relationship of objects and body parts

with their environment in the digital age. They’re sort of the product of numbness, dim hope and absence of focus

which create an attachment to the artificial space as a refuge.

All artworks consist mostly of original photos and less of remixed googled material.

Some of them are extracts from the recently published visual poetry book titled “A Pill Is A Moon” that features

poems and quotes combined with digital art.

“Visual poetry is like songwriting, only here comes the visual part. Each design is a canvas for the words represented

and they can’t be treated separately. It’s an ensemble that reflects the NOW.”

“Hellpoetry & Sorryart” in its wholeness has a distinctive poster-like, cartooned approach which serves as a form of goodbye

to the pre-digital world. It seems to construct scrapbooks for the ’10s, commenting on adolescence and the

consequences of living in a small town and it’s inspired by the reality of the Greek countryside,

the internet culture, the earthly drudgery and the fantasy world, the transition to adulthood and all the hardships in between.

The exhibits are supported by audio samples, explanatory cards, photos and decoration that resembles the unique atmosphere and the impact of the local landscape on the creation of “Hellpoetry & Sorryart”.

Kroutsef is the artistic nickname for Vasia Bakogianni (b. 1986), a Greek visual artist, musician and writer who grew up in Arta and now lives and works in Athens, Greece. She has attained a BA in Primary Education and has had two poetry collections published

(“Paranyxides” in Greek, and “A Pill Is A Moon” in English, distributed by Thinkbabymusic & TBMr Records. She is also the

member of the experimental, avant-garde music project KOLLYRION and will be exhibiting in art spaces in Athens throughout the winter.

For more information:











Konstintallation och Måleri

Decadence in your a** kan bli sett som en utredning av västerländsk dekadens. Det är så att samhällen i utvecklade länder håller på att tappa sina rötter, moraliska gränser och glider mer och mer mot ett “allt-för-nöje” samhälle. Högst upp värderas ekonomiska frågor, sedan spenderas energi, tid och passion till det sista som är kvar efter att man har uppfyllt alla mazlow´behov : Nöje

Fritz-Ø vill påvisa kontrast genom överlappning av två poler. Den tomma vardagen av kontorsmänniskan mot den orealistiska verklighet av den flummiga drömmaren.

Tanken är att utforska dekadens genom måleri av sin generation, moderna lekplatser där rika barn träffar sitt öde och försöker hitta en mening med livet.

Detta tolkas genom starka skildringar av mänskliga drag, känslouttryck och färgglada ansikten.

Skönhet bildas här genom stora detaljer och skapar en grund till återspegling av individer, där kontrasten mellan deras ljus parat med identifierat skuggsida, föder en balans mellan symmetri och kaos.

I inzoomning av karaktärerna ligger Fritz-Ø’s intresse för rørelser och anatomi. I liktydighet med det romerska herraväldet, är vi nu i en fas där sista andetagen tas i den civilisation som håller på att falla, och vi, i mitten, är både åskådare och aktörer av denna enorma galenskap.

This is the end

Let’s party

To represent decadence this way, wellcome to an interaktivt samspel av konst och dekadens in action, music , hysteria.

Bring your rich friends, slutiest outfit, and SAVE THE DATE

På mixbordet:



– Sus&Dus

Exhibition runs May 16 – 20


Monday 12 – 19

Tuesday 16 – 19

Wednesday 12 – 19

Thursday 16 – 19

Friday 12 – 19

Art pieces at

For other info please visit



Image 1

——–scroll down for english——


– installation av Åsa Elieson

Sibirien förknippas ofta med deportation och kyla. Kanske också med stumt tvång och överhetens maktutövning. Den första ryska deporteringen till Sibirien gällde dock en symbol – stadsklockan i Uglich. År 1581 mördades tsarsonen Dimitrij och uppviglarna såg till att stadens klocka ljöd över nejden. Straffet lät inte vänta på sig. De upproriska spöades och fick sina tungor utskurna ur munnarna. Klockan drabbades av samma öde, den spöades och kläppen slets loss från sitt fäste. Sedan släpades den ett kvarts ton tunga pjäsen över Uralbergen till Sibirien. Där lämnades den, dömd till evig tystnad.

Sibirien här i Stockholm är en informell beteckning på ett område i Vasastaden. Dess centrala pulsåder är Roslagsgatan, där Galleri Detroit är beläget. Öknamnet Sibirien uppstod när området bebyggdes under 1800-talet sista decennier. Det ansågs då som avlägset beläget och det kunde kännas som en förvisning att behöva flytta dit. Områdets stora hyreskaserner med sin enkla utformning byggdes i huvudsak för att rymma folk ur arbetarklassen.

Under samma tid som Sibirien i Stockholm bebyggdes fick den stora stadsklockan en offentlig benådning. Reparerad fördes den 1892 under högtidliga former tillbaka till Uglich. Klockan kunde åter ljuda.

62 år senare inträffade en olycka i Sibirien. Vanadislundens vattenreservoaren sprang läck och åtta miljoner liter vatten forsade ut i kvarteren kring Roslagstull. Hundratals källare vattenfylldes.

Idag är avloppsrör och vattenledningar dragna genom galleriet på Roslagsgatan 21. Besökare på galleriet kan höra stadens brus och invånarnas kontroll av vattenmassors rörelse.

En installation om avslitna tungor, vattenmassors katastrof och det undertryckta språkens vattensjuka krav på upprättelse. Utställningen är även en del av årets program i Kulturnatt Stockholm. Den som vill kommer då ta del av ett utvidgad version av installationen. Ett spår kommer kunna följas, från galleriets källarvåning, upp till vattenreservoaren i Vanadislunden.

Utställningsperiod: 20 april – 8 maj 2016

Vernissage: 19 april kl 17-20

Oppet: onsdag – sondag kl 12-16

Kulturnatt: 23 april kl 18-24 (



– an installation by Åsa Elieson

Siberia is often associated with deportation and coldness. Perhaps also with numb constraint and with authorities’ exercise of power. However, the first Russian deportation to Siberia concerned a symbol – the town bell of Uglich. In the year of 1581 the tsar son Dimitrij was murdered, and the agitators made sure that the town bell sounded across the fields. The punishment was not long in coming. The insurgents were whipped and had their tongues cut out of their mouths. The bell suffered the same fate, it was whipped and the clapper was torn from its mounting. The quarter-ton piece was then dragged across the Ural mountains to Siberia. There it was left, doomed to eternal silence.

Siberia here in Stockholm is the informal name of an area in Vasastaden. Its central vein is Roslagsgatan, where Detroit Gallery is situated. The nickname Siberia emerged when the area was being built, during the last decades of the 19th century. It was then considered as remote, and having to move there could feel a bit like being deported.The large rental barracks of the area, with their simple design, were mainly built to accommodate people from the working class.

During the same time that Siberia in Stockholm was being built, the great town bell received a public pardon. In 1892 it was repaired and ceremoniously brought back to Uglich. The bell could yet again toll.

62 years later, an accident occurred in Siberia. The water tank in Vanadislunden sprang a leak and eight million litres of water gushed out into the area surrounding Roslagsgatan. Hundreds of basements were filled with water.

Today, drainpipes and waterpipes run through the gallery at Roslagsgatan 21. Gallery visitors can hear the city noise and listen to the inhabitants controlling the movements of the water masses.

On display will be an installation about ripped out tongues, a disaster of water masses and the water sick demand for vindication of the suppressed languages. The exhibition is also a part of this years Kulturnatten. During Kulturnatt an extended version of the exhibition will be availible, where those who wish also find a trail to follow during the night. From the gallery basement up to the water tank in Vanadislunden.

Exhibition period: 20 April – 8 May 2016

Opening: 19 April 17-20 hrs

Open: Wed – Sun 12 – 16

Kulturnatt: 23 April 18-24 hrs (







An Australian’s Adrenalin-Fuelled-Near-Acid-Technicolour-Warped-Public-Entertainment-Cartoon-Character-Trip-Experience, regurgitated from his time here in Stockholm. Welcome!

‘Too Much Sugar in Stockholm’ is the first series of works exhibited by Australia’s favourite son Pat McKenzie.

The works are of different mediums but McKenzie’s general style and playful wit run ramped throughout. It is a collection of work created during McKenzie’s time living in Stockholm, the other side of the world, from his native Sydney, that comments on everything from Australian politics to Game of Thrones.’



Joel Danielsson & Louise Öhman

May 21st – 24th
Gallery Detroit Stockholm
Vernissage 21st May
18:00 – 22:00
May 22nd-24th open 12:00 – 17:00.



Apeiron, Greek:  ‘unlimited’, ‘infinite’, ‘indefinite’

Nous, Greek: (noûs) or (nóos) ‘mind’, ‘reason’, ‘logos’

The exhibition is working around the concept of ‘metaxu’. The metaxu is defined as the middle ground or the in-between and acts as the mediator of
the temporal and the infinite.

The room is a transient field, a landscape in putrefaction in the torment of the metals. Where the ever changing structures explores the relation of materials and conjunction of the opposites and that who wants to transcend and move over the line. In the physical experience of the metaphysical there is a question of what tactility means for the symbolic perception of this meeting.

In our artistic research there is a dialogue through the meeting of that what is separated. In the expanded field and installation meets objects, visual image and sound, the carnal and that who wants to transcend the form, structure and logos. The tension of the opposites generates an interspace where the objects dwell in silence. The installation is there as a spatial symbol, an instrument for perception by the act of throwing together which point to new understandings of this interspace. The symbol is by this at the critical point where language ends. At the shore of the transfinite, ever undulating, the matter becomes an articulation of the wordless, the moan, sigh, ecstasy.

Joel Danielsson and Louise Öhman are bachelor students at Bergen Academy of Arts and Design.



Jenny Soep
Until 17th May

Detroit, Stockholm is delighted to present this multi-media exhibition by visual/performance artist Jenny Soep.

Live! Girl! Band! features drawings from iPad, traditional paper drawing and animated digital drawing collaborations, along with an exciting line up of workshops/events.

‘Jenny Soep creates art that is utterly of the moment,
whether digitally or on paper’ – Alexandra Obiger

While choosing to draw the ‘Original, Alternative & Experimental music scene’, creating many unique dynamic portraits of legends such as Björk, Patti Smith, Youssou N’Dour, The Residents, Simple Minds, First Aid Kit and many more, Soep came to realise her drawings still contained a disproportionate amount of white men.

So Live! Girl! Band! is an exhibition featuring women, or the lack of them…



An Exhibition & Workshops featuring Women

Detroit Stockholm
Roslagsgatan 21
113 55 Stockholm

Open Times/Öppetider
9 – 17 May 2015
Saturdays/Sundays 11:00 – 18:00
Tuesday till Friday 12:00 – 19:00
Closed Monday 11th May



Laura Tynan – 40ft NIGHTMARE!


30 January – 8 February, 2015.

Open daily 14 – 18.

Closed Monday 2 February.

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instagram // @laurastynan









It’s Christmas, it’s the Holidays, it’s Winter; outside it’s frosty and dark but indoors it’s cosy. Come and join us for some mulled wine and a novel show with a seasonal twist on the theme of ‘postcards’ – with artworks available for 500SEK only.

11th December – Group show – Vernissage 18:00-21:00

Open Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th 12:00-18:00

(Although please check here or on the Facebook Event Page for updates as Saturday may be closed early.)
Detroit, Stockholm
Roslagsgatan 21























Detroit, Stockholm
Roslagsgatan 21