Another practical decision


Jaakko Pallasvuo

2009.11.06 – 2009.11.15.

Detroit are proud to be the first ever Swedish gallery to present Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo’s work. Another practical decision partly consists of a series of images on semi transparent film, and partly of a site specific sculptural piece where the circumstances and the building determines the direction.

The series of images, which are made up of drawings, found photographs and texts, are photocopied onto semi transparent film. As objects they are very immaterial. Light passes through them and even the content is sort of drifting. The drawings depict an imaginary space with imaginary objects inside, messy and haunted. The found texts and photographs reference Blade Runner, Thomas Pynchon. They represent the Internet, a fragmentary space Pallasvuo spends a significant part of his time in.

The core of the exhibition has its starting point in the limitations of practical decisions. The thin transparent images hardly take up any space at all as they are moved from Helsinki to Stockholm. Hundreds of images all in one folder. The three-dimensional is built in the gallery based around the materials the surroundings can provide. Thus it is also characterized by a pragmatic view on the exhibition as practice.

Jaakko Pallasvuo was born 1987. He lives and works in Helsinki and is currently studying at the Finnish Academy Of Fine Arts. Pallasvuo often utilises collaboration as a method in his work and has created several zines and collaborative projects previously. His pieces move from texts to architectural constructions and drawings. In 2009 the book How You Should Make Cement For Mending Stones, which was made up from previously unreleased material and parts of earlier zines, was published.