B-galleria@Detroit: Borders

B-galleria @ Detroit BORDERS

A group show of Finnish artists curated by B-galleria from Turku, Finland

Categories and dichotomies are present everywhere: in architecture, education and politics. Meanings are made by categorizing reality, by excluding or including certain concepts and uses of language. To quote Charles Saunders Peirce; “we think only in signs”. This facilitates communication; however, these concepts are not cast in stone. Dichotomies can be false and previous truths are questioned all the time, creating new truths and patterns of communication.

On an individual level, borders and boundaries are important in education and upbringing. They offer security, make one familiar with cultural values and lay the way to finding an own identity and place in the world. Not everybody fits inside these frames. Some prefer to stay on the edge.

Borders is a group show of Finnish artists curated by B-galleria from Turku, Finland. Participating artists are Elina Minn, Hertta Kiiski, Ville Varumo, Ida Lehtonen, Jaakko Pallasvuo and Tenhola (Teemu Raudaskoski and Antti Jussila). The exhibition consists of photographs, drawings, installation, video and wall painting.

This exhibition is the second part of a collaboration between artist-run gallery Detroit in Stockholm, Sweden and B-galleria in Turku, Finland with the purpose of building bridges between cultural actives and artists in Turku and Stockholm. The first phase of the project took place in Turku in January 2010 when Detroit presented their group show at B-galleria. The project has received support from Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland and will continue for the entire year 2010.