Borders and Beyonds

Moa Franzen

Moa Franzén
2009.05.08- 2009.05.17

In the exhibition Borders and Beyonds Moa Franzén takes an interest in the concept of duality. Through her installations and sculptures she examines the relationship between control and the unbounded, nature and culture, design and organic advance, often allowing the borders between these forces to blur.

Over the last year the main focus of Franzén’s work has been the body. The natural body and the constructed; the body as a carrier of stories and a story in itself. In several of her pieces there is no certain limit in terms of where the body begins and where it ends. The self is as held together as it is limited by the physical body. Borders and Beyonds shows both physical manifestation and subtlety in its content.

Moa Franzén was born 1985 in Växjö and is currently living in Stockholm. She studied at Konstskolan Idun Lovén 2005-2007. Borders and Beyonds at Detroit is her first solo exhibition.