Circle of Daggers (14)


Dit-Cilinn & David Ohlsson
Circle of Daggers (14)

Using the magic ritual as fertile ground for themes of will and self fulfillment, Circle of Daggers (14) echoes the adolescent’s longing for beauty and stardom as well as the artist’s strife towards the masterpiece. Crystallizing the intensity of this wish and its sexual overtones.
The handles, chrysalises in different stages of transformation, represent the will – control – the conscious direction of energy towards a goal. The blade is the arrow that the will follows from the individual out into the world.

Dit-Cilinn and David Ohlsson’s collaborations are characterized by their similar frames of reference. The two artists take two polarized positions, where one of them stands for unbridled, cancerous creativity and the other for the targeted precision. These different angles make their individual approaches to the mutual focal points to an intuitive and organic process. Dit-Cilinn and David Ohlsson have worked with Circle of Daggers (14) in spring 2010 and the works are now being shown for the first time at Detroit.

Dit-Cilinn was born in 1983 in Mora, she lives and works in Stockholm. Dit-Cilinn has a bachelor’s degree from Högskolan för Fotografi and she has also studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has been exhibited at Gallery Niklas Belenius and Göteborgs Konstmuseum among other places.

David Ohlsson was born in 1985 in Eksjö. He lives and works in Stockholm, where he is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. David Ohlsson has previously exhibited at places such as Gallery Niklas Belenius and CMU Gallery in Chiang Mai.