Det Psykedeliska Slajmet

Finn Öhlund

2009.12.04 – 2009.12.13.

Detroit is proud to present the artist Finn Öhlund (b 1979).
In the exhibition Det Psykedeliska Slajmet (in english The Psychedelic Slime) Öhlund pictorially tries to distill and refine a sort of “billowing mental substance” which he considers to be consistent in the aesthetics of all times. In this exhibition he let´s the Psychedelic Slime take over his world of images and resembles it to a kind of mental “slimy stringy, dripping and welling flourishing guck”. From which traces are to be find everywhere trough the wide art-history in an eternal variation of executions and contexts. It occurs in everything from the gracious lines of the old cave paintings, trough the great art-eras of frenetic decoration; the grapevines of the antique, the church ceilings of the middle-ages, in Da Vincis’ lace-like hairstyles, in the rocaille-ornaments of the Rococo, Poussins compositions, the billowing line of the Arte-Nouveau, trough the circle-dancing of the folkdance, the soft fabrics of the fashion-trends and further on into the design development towards the streamlined shaped fast, soft perfect and technically advanced super-gadget.

The characteristics of the Slime has always been decided upon by the artist and the available technology and depends upon the measure of physical and mental friction that exists in between the fantasy world – the source, and our reality in which the Slime materializes.

The word “Psychedelic” was coined by the psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond who wanted to separate a group of the hallucinogenic drugs, which he used and studied in his medical research.
“Psyche” from the Greek “mind” or “psyche” and “delein” – “manifest”. Mind-manifesting.
“Slime” is since the late 1970´s associated further most with a green sticky toy-slime which the company Mattel sold packaged in small green fake-trashcans. The toy-slime resembled cool radioactive waste, ectoplasm or alien secretion.

Finn Öhlund was born 1979 in Uppsala and lives and works in Stockholm. His artistic practice reaches from drawing and painting to video and he has made visuals for artpop-group Kallionia and techno-club The Office as well as exhibited at Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs Konsthall and featured in group-exhibitions at Detroit, among others. He is also founder of art magazine Shooting Star.