Detroit at B-galleria

2010.01.09 – 2010.01.31

Guest appearance by Detroit, curating a group show at the Finnish gallery B-Galleria in Turku.

B-Galleria’s exhibition year of 2010 kicks off with a group show with members from Detroit Gallery in Stockholm. The participating artists are Crystal Beacon, Jim Thorell, Dölsie, Danilo Stankovic, Nadine Byrne and Max Ockborn & Stine Midtsaeter. The exhibition consists of drawings, paintings, video and installation. Shooting Star magazine by Finn Öhlund and Flacon Records cassettes by Tobias Lund and Gabriel Harju are for sale in B-butik during the exhibition.

B-Galleria and Detroit have initiated collaboration with the purpose of creating connections between culture actives in Turku and Stockholm. The next phase of this project will take place in April when an exhibition curated by members of B-galleria will be presented in Detroit’s gallery space in Stockholm.