Fragment - Jenny Åkerlund och Sebastian Wahlforss

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Jenny Åkerlund & Sebastian Wahlforss
2009.05.29. – 2009.06.07.

Jenny Åkerlund’s and Sebastian Wahlforss’ exhibition Fragment transforms the anonymous exhibition room to an intimate space, someone’s run down and abandoned quarters.

The intention has been to create an archeological still-life where ordinary objects is extracted from their original context to create a distance to the objects. Soddy rooms and empty corridors has been used as models. But even though Fragment can be seen as standing in a hyper-realist tradition the result is more dreamlike and depicts an inner, rather than an outer space.

The exhibition is a narrative without a given story. The visitors is encouraged to take the role of a detective and create their own stories from their findings.

Sebastian Wahlforss, born 1982 in Stockholm, studies at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts.
Jenny Åkerlund, born 1984 in Stockholm, studies at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. She is also a contibuting artist in Filten, an artist magazine published early 2009.