If u had my Love

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2009.10.16- 2009.10.25

If u had my love and
I gave u all my trust
Would u comfort me?
Tell me baby

In the search for past times, two people loose the hold of one another.

When approaching each other again they find a failing trust and an increased desire for control. A confused play of power comes up where tenderness turns into abuse and degradation passes into fascination. If u had my Love is a portrait of two peoples wild attempts at experiencing true and eternal love.

The dance-performance group Dölsie makes their first appearance in Sweden at Detroit with the piece If u had my Love.

Dölsie consists of Sofia Restorp and Sara Mathiasson. They work with dance, performance, video and installations which features themselves. After having met in Berlin in 2005 they started working together. Restorp has a background in visual arts whilst Mathiasson studied at the Swedish Royal Ballet School. Their different backgrounds have had a big impact on their joint choreographic creating. Today Dölsie lives and works in Berlin and Stockholm.

During the Berlin festival Tanztage 2007, Dölsie showed their first project. Since then they have taken part in several different artistic contexts, among others Homo Bellicus Exhibition about war in Berlin, Diskurs Festival in Gießen, and Batârd Festival in Brussels.

Between November 2008 and February 2009 Sofia Restorp and Sara Mathiasson had a residency at the culture house Südpol in Luzern, Switzerland. ‘If u had my Love’ was showed for the first time at Galerie Krise, Basso Studios, in Berlin earlier this summer.

In connection to the performance of If u had my Love. Detroit will also show documentations of two of Dölsies earlier performances and a music video: Näcken, 2009 (documentation of dance installation), Hugs to Everybody, 2007 (documentation of performance), Dr. Feelgood, 2007 (music video).