Infernal Laugh Of a Furious Pony

Infernal Runners
Infernal Laugh of a Furious Pony

There is nothing to hide from in opaque fog
do you trust ice crystals just because they’re transparent?
the freezing coldness has made you lose your mind

Your rescue is from now on: fluff

Infernal Laugh Of a Furious Pony is a video installation in four chapters in which artists Hedda Viå and Josefin Arnell meets. Viå is leading and directing Arnell to act in her own world, a synthesis of the meetings between different time periods and different mediums.

In 2009 Josefin Arnell created the collection Mirror Mirror on the Wall; then she meets Hedda Viå an oak forest, on a snow covered mountain, on roofs in New York, in a bathroom in a Stockholm High-rise. In the shape of Ponnyn she is looped in paranoia, but on the verge of the bursting laughter she visits places that are no longer reflected in the mirror. Ponnyn / Arnell eats cat gold and enters through the same hole over and over again in search of magic deep in the fluffy, pink brain substance.

The evening will also present Infernal Runners Birth out of the right hole, a performance and a ritual, in which the audience may witness Infernal Runners birth.

Runners Infernal are Hedda Via, Josefin Arnell and Erik Annerborn.