Ny fotografi på Detroit

2010.01.15 – 2010.01.30.
Tim Meier, Martin Hultén, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt.

Detroit proudly presents the exhibition Archetypes, the first in a series of shows with the mutual name New Photography At Detroit curated by Tim Meier and Martin Hultén.

Works by four photographers will be shown on the exhibition. what unites these artists is a consideration and a great interest in the way the world looks, and how our view of it changes when we look at it as a photograph. The jungian concept archetype is here used as an invitation for the viewer to reflect over the contents of the picture and one´s own associations.

The artists participating are Klara Källström, Tim Meier, Martin Hultén and Thobias Fäldt.