Office #6

Office #6, Damon Wild (Synewave, NYC)

Dance performance by Aurora Westfelt and Kaisa Kukkonen.
Video installation, Who are you looking at, by Carl-Johan Rosén.
Rats, performance by Josefin Arnell och Alexander Krantz.
Installation and styling by Kisch’n’Krantz.

Collaborating with the techno collective Head Office, Detroit arranges exhibitions, happenings and events. Thanks to the support organisation Detroits Vänner we are able to realize the idea of presenting young emerging art in alternative contexts.

Who at The Office from cj on Vimeo.

Aurora Westfelt and Kaisa KukkonenAurora Westfelt and Kaisa Kukkonen 2rats 1rats 3rats-red-2_5002