The Moon is high, The Krona is low and the launch of SPACEZINE 2.



The Moon is high, The Krona is low + the launch of SPACEZINE 2.

6th–16th October 12–5pm

In this issue of Spacezine, the universe has continued to expand to include works by Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Camilla Iliefski, Cecilia Germain, Emma Rendel, Jalmar Staaf, Jim Thorell, Jonas Fridén, Mathew Newton, Stephanie von Reiswitz, Thomas Smith and Tris Vonna-Michell. The earth keeps rotating to the music of FF and Petter Bäck.

The Moon is high, The Krona is low presents recent works from Mathew Newton.   This will be Mathew Newton’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm.

The Universe is a pencil drawing.
A rainy day is a 180cm tall rocket made from toilet roll tubes.
Enterprise to Endeavor, then back to Atlantis is a model made from 10,000 matchsticks.#
Falling in and out is a room with phantasmagorical plastic pop bottles*, a memory foam mattress, space blanket and a tie-dyed pillow.
Like ants on a piece of paper is a series of screen prints resembling universes, galaxies, planets, atoms or particles.
Lost on Mars is three photographs documenting a period of residency on the deserted island Källskär in the Finnish archipelago.
E.T in concrete is a screen printed photo from Seriegården (The Comics Garden) on Gotland.?

# 10,000 is very approximate. The model was made without reference to plans, a technically inaccurate matchstick model resembling a space shuttle.
* fans, lights, chopped up crisp packets.
Seriegården was started in 1959 by Knut Karlsson and in 1980 Björn, his son took over. The garden now contains almost 300 idiosyncratic “life-size” concrete figures of past and present cartoon characters and E.T.

Mathew Newton was born in Burnley, England in 1980. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Newton completed his MA Fine Art at the Royal College of Art, London in 2007 and a BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, London in 2003. Recent group shows include Close eyes to exit, Red Gallery, London (2011), Travelogue as Allegory, Konstakademien, Stockholm (2011), I Magen På Ett Djur, Barnens Underjordiska Scen, Stockholm (2010) Book on the Fritz, IO Studio, Gothenburg (2010) and Radio Love, Crystal, Stockholm (2010).
Solo exhibitions include Grotto, Whitecross Gallery, London (in collaboration with Francisco Lobo) (2008) and Paintings for Hospitals, Galleri 1, Uppsala (2010).