TWIN ROOM – Detroit group exhibition

DetroitStockholm Gallery
February 15-22 2014

‘Twin Room’ at Detroit Stockholm provides a counterpart to the gallery’s participation in the Supermarket Art Fair. Conceived to coincide with the gallery’s presentation of ‘The Sea of Ice’ by Petter Nilsson and Erik Daghäll at the art fair, ‘Twin Room’ provides a platform to showcase gallery artists that reflects the diversity of practitioners connected to the artist-run space on 21 Roslagsgatan.

Although both ‘The Sea of Ice’ and ‘Twin Room’ are complete exhibitions within themselves, they are related by their origins and connections to Detroit Stockholm, thereby creating a relay between the gallery’s booth at Kulturhuset and the space at Roslagsgatan. ‘Twin Room’ is not a secondary exhibition but rather one of equal standing. While the presentation at Kulturhuset focuses on openness, chaos and nature, ‘Twin Room’ alludes to more intimate, personal and domesticated themes. Reciprocal relations are created through these contrasts and parallels but both exhibitions are marked by the constant presence of humankind.

‘Twin Room’ is designed to offer a unique opportunity and insight into the myriad of unseen activity present behind the gallery space on Roslagsgatan and to promote the gallery to both a local and international audience.

Artists participating in the exhibition at Detroit Stockholm
Gallery, 21 Roslagsgatan: Joel Danielsson, Åke Frödin, Marie Gavois, André Hägertz, Eva Högberg, Sheena Malone, Martin Nordell, Alannah Robins, Jenny Soep, Jenny Svensén.


“River ner
men bygger ingen framtid
räckte inte för honom.”


Åke Frödin has worked in the art as a cartoonist, with logos for companies, caricatures of politicians for media. Currently mostly with portraits.


Active member at Detroit Stockholm since late 2012.
Presents in the exhibition a work of the duo SISTER LOOPS, consisting of Mare Gavois and composer Alexandra Nilsson.

‘Who speaks and who creates noise?’ Is placed in an intimate room, the work is a documentation of a performance that was shown on Fylkingen in May 2013.



Titel, Push Up

My expressions are installtions, videos, sounds,
sculptures, paintings


Originally from Ireland, Sheena Malone has been a member of Detroit Gallery since 2013. Having moved to Stockholm to study a masters programme in Curating Curating Contemporary Art, her practice has extended to include a variety of activities. For ‘Twin Room, she will present a drawing.


drawings and colorful abstracted landscapes with roots from the graffiti scene

ALANNAH ROBINS is an Irish artist who uses a wide range of materials in both 2- and 3-dimensional art. These shadow puppets are part of a body of work inspired by the 17th century blind wandering poet Antoine Ó Raifteirí, and his song in praise of Máire Ní Eidhin’s great beauty, which, when reconciled with his blindness, evokes notions of an inner vision. Alannah has explored this theme using ink drawings, shadows, photography and the sound and video recording of interior and exterior worlds through glass, playing with the properties of glass to conceal or to reveal.


Jenny Soep specialises in using iPad or paper to draw the live original alternative and/or experimental music and art(s) events.
Jenny has been drawing for the Polar Music Prize since 2010, as well as happenings, concerts and festivals internationally.
Jenny is in the improvising dance/music/draw trio ‘Three Lines’ and has drawn everything from a political demo, to circus, weddings, dance, poetry, while jogging and even while driving 90mph down the motorway.
Jenny will be creating an installation of drawings created of visitors to the exhibition opening/vernissage between 18.00-21.00 on Saturday 15th February.
Maybe she will draw you.