Yule Bringer

Adam Higton - Yulebringer

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Adam Higton
2008.12.12- 2008-12-21

Detroit presents Yule Bringer, the british artist Adam Higtons first solo exhibition in Sweden. In the ongoing project Yule Bringer Higton has created his own world using drawings, textile elements and performance. The starting point in his work is nature and above all the woodlands, an environment where stories, darkness and mysticism are always present. With a strong animistic view on the world, Higton sees a soul in every tree. In several drawings the nature is so alive it has human features. In what Higton has named The Jovial Woods, characters such as Mr Frog, Bunny and Mr Log appears. Adam Higton will also play a medley of three ‘woodland folk songs’ during the opening night.

Higton gets his inspiration from his own spiritual experiences with nature, but also from old norse mythology and folk religions such as shintoism and paganism. The focal point in his artistry is his drawings, but it is in the encounters between separate mediums that his storytelling is at its greatest force. Yule Bringer is characterised by a strong belief in other powers than that of the human one, a true joy and a liberating escapism.

Adam Higton was born 1985 in Dorset, Great Britain, and finished his studies at University of the West of England this spring which earned him a BA in Fine Arts. He currently lives and works in Bristol, Great Britain.